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Frozen But Not Forgotten…

Do you remember going to TCBY (The Country’s Best Yogurt) when you were a kid? It was one of those places your parents took you to after a recital or a movie. The fact that it was yogurt and not ice cream meant less calories for the adults. And the range of flavors and toppings made it great for us kids. For some reason I thought they had closed down or maybe there just arent any TCBY’s in Little Havana (my hood for the past couple of years). Whatever the case may be, they are in fact here and going strong. So strong in fact, that they blew my mind with their new branding. It’s wonderful. Fresh, young innovative and fun.


The oh so magical…Sight Specific

This past Friday we had the opportunity of seeing an amazing exhibition at the Museum of Art | Fort Lauderdale. Curated by our friend Freddy Jouwayed, Sight Specific was a magical tour of dream-like installations. Eleven South Florida artists were invited to create installations within the confines of a specified area. The mystical journey started for us as we stood in front of Mysterium by Clifton Childree. Then we drifted into the amazing trance-inducing video art by Juan Maristany to the groovy little glittery trees suspended in mid air by Wendy Wischer. The air was filled with Frozen Music, as if you were floating in outer space, or submerged under the ocean as Cluster Fuck by Gavin Perry hung above our heads. What a fantastic exhibition and we feel honored to have designed the flier for it, a tiny part of such an amazing installation journey.


Brand New Inspiration

So we’re finally rested and have had a week to reflect on our trip to the Big Apple. Can I just say that we had an amazing time? Not only did we get to go to an inspiring conference, we also got to see part of the NYC marathon and squeezed in time to see the Broadway show Fela!. By the way, if you’re in NYC before January 2, we TOTALLY recommend checking it out.

We attended the Brand New Conference, and had the chance to listen to design-greats like Michael Bierut and Paula Scher from Pentagram and (our favorite speaker of the day) type designer, Erik Spiekermann. One of our favorite projects was the rebranding of the LA Metro system done by Michael Lejeune and the Metro Design Studio. It was a long day, jam packed with design goodness and fun schwag. It was fantastic to be in an auditorium where everyone got the font jokes and you didn’t have to explain to anyone why the Gap rebranding was so horrible. We left New York with our minds, hearts, bellies and suitcases full of good stuff to share with everyone.

Papa’s got a brand new bag.

We were recently emailed these great images of shopping bags. Totally awesome and a great way to take your brand to the next level. Check them out!


I had the pleasure of visiting Spain a few years back. An amazing country. Two things 1. I never made it to Barcelona and 2. DHUB wasn’t around yet (or I would have hauled my butt over there!) What is DHUB you ask? Disseny Hub Barcelona better known as DHUB—the newest “space” in the city. I can’t say its a “museum” and its not necessarily an “institution”, rather “a new centre for promoting knowledge, understanding and proper use of the design world. A space billed to go beyond the scope of a museum or institution which aims to advance all facets of this discipline. It is all of this and much more.” Sooo, basically it’s a hub for all things design.

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