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I had the pleasure of visiting Spain a few years back. An amazing country. Two things 1. I never made it to Barcelona and 2. DHUB wasn’t around yet (or I would have hauled my butt over there!) What is DHUB you ask? Disseny Hub Barcelona better known as DHUB—the newest “space” in the city. I can’t say its a “museum” and its not necessarily an “institution”, rather “a new centre for promoting knowledge, understanding and proper use of the design world. A space billed to go beyond the scope of a museum or institution which aims to advance all facets of this discipline. It is all of this and much more.” Sooo, basically it’s a hub for all things design.

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The goal at DHUB is to observe the past and present of the design world, promote research and educate the public about the importance of the design industry—including fashion, product design (and my personal favorite) visual communication. Visitors can explore collections and take part in various workshops that take place each day. This is one of those times I wish I could teleport myself (I wish for teleportation at least once a day). Off to Barcelona…!

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