We’re the kind of people who buy wine based on the coolest label and admittedly, judge
a book by its cover.


When we first meet with you, we learn as much as we can about your company; its history, products, services, people and culture. We learn about your customers and your competition. Finally, we learn about what your goals are and what you want to achieve.



This is where the wheels start to turn! Our team sits down to come up with the master plan. We take all the things we learned in step one and clearly layout the roadmap, that will let you fly from where you are to where you want to be. We come up with some big ideas and some simple ways to execute them.



Now that we know who you are, what you do and where you want to be, the creativity begins. We have 3 goals when we design: it’s gotta look amazing, it has to communicate and it must differentiate. The human mind is programmed to notice what’s different so our goal is to create a design that will set your company apart.



You’ve taken all the right steps. Now you can take on the world…and we’ve got your back. Our relationship isn’t over; it’s only just begun. Remember, an effective brand is never “finished”. It’s a living, growing entity that needs to be nourished. We’ll always be here to give you support and help your brand thrive.

Our approach is simple.

SimpleFly is a multidisciplinary studio that specializes in graphic design, web development and strategic brand building. We’re a talented team of graphic designers, photographers and marketing specialists with a love for great design. We’re the kind of people that buy wine based on the coolest label and admittedly judge a book by its cover.

Our approach is simple. We’ll listen to you and discover everything we can. Then we strategize and collaborate with our team, to provide you with effective and visually stunning concepts. From the discovery phase to the final launch, we believe in design guidance, making sure your brand is consistent and meaningful, and rises above the clutter from start to finish.

From museums to universities to businesses large and small, SimpleFly can help to visually communicate and effectively tell your story to the world. Whether you catch us in Miami, Brooklyn or in the virtual world, we’re here to discuss your design problems and our design solutions.

How We Can Help


Name Development
Strategy + Position
Story + Messaging
Logo Design
Brand Guidelines


Packaging Design
Stationery Systems
Catalog & Book Design
Brochure Design
Direct Mail Campaigns
Trade Show Design


Web Design
Web Development
E-Commerce Integration
Social Media


This + That
Lifestyle & Product Photography
Retail & Branded Spaces
Motion Graphics
Exhibit Design

studio that specializes in graphic design, web development and strategic brand building

Amanda Sica


Her multidisciplinary background in interior design, photography, and visual merchandising for over 10 years, made her realize her love for Graphic Design. Amanda has an advertising degree from the University of Miami. She draws inspiration from everywhere, everyday, all the time. Seriously. She’s solved numerous design challenges for clients both large and small. Amanda is always down for a good cup of coffee, collects mid-century wares and loves spending time with her twin girls, her partner Marcel, and their furry kids Bean & Matilda.


studio that specializes in graphic design, web development and strategic brand building

Marcel Lecours


Marcel has been designing and developing websites since the last millennium (does that age him?). One of the reasons SimpleFly has been successful in helping so many small businesses, is because Marcel has been a business owner himself since 1996. This gives him unique insight into the best ways to help develop and maintain a company’s brand. In addition to handling all things digital, Marcel is also in charge of sales and project management. Chances are when you start a project with SimpleFly, you’ll be dealing with this guy. When he’s not in the office he enjoys photography, fishing and cooking for the 5 girls he lives with (yes 5).



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